Thursday, October 04, 2007

World Travelers

By now, we all know that Carl does a lot of traveling. In fact, I think next week, he has a deposition planned for the Jovian moon, Io.

Now, we can't all be Carl.

So, for normal mortals, it is usually a big deal to travel abroad. Which leads me to the point: Two of our regular readers and frequent commenters are about to take great journeys.

Amanda, who sails the seas on big boats to begin with, is flying to Venice, Italy. I have asked her to bring me back a gondola.

And then there is Fred, who leaves in the morning for Africa. She's taking a two week safari in Kenya, which to me sounds pretty fantastic.

So Bon Voyage to our globe trotting friends. Be safe. Have fun. Oh, and Fred, I was kidding about that wildebeast. I don't think my dog would get along very well with it...


  1. I have never been to Africa or Italy or Arbys.

  2. There goes half of the people that read this blog.

  3. I haven't been to Arby's in about 20 years. I think we went once during highschool.

    And BS, folks are just too intimidated by your dazling wit and charm to post their own comments...

  4. There was an Arby's right by Tastee freeze and fox theatre.

    Of course that was back in the day when you weren't gay and hung out with bikers.

    Go touch your bumptuous burning log.

  5. It's so exciting to know that Fred is off on an adventure! Have a great time Fred. You don't have to bring me anything back. I'll just wait for the stories.

    p.s. I'm reconsidering...Maybe one of those great big black guys...hhmmmmm.

  6. mmmmm...arrrrrby's....
    I recall an unfortunate incident during their "Five for Five" promotion.
    I will say, they have no sense of humor when 3 guys walk up and say "Yes, we'd like 15 please, along with 3 orders of potato cakes, and ... wait for it.... diet coke!"

    Venice is lovely, though, I'd skip the pigeon feeding in the Piazza de San Marcos - Why the hell people would pay money to get birdfood for rats with wings is beyond me. But they do... and take pictures of themselves covered in them!!
    Harry's Bar. Touristy, but worth it. The Oak Street Ranch blog has other restaurant entries.

  7. My plane almost crashed from Dallas. We had to go through emergency procedures, and go over how to brace ourselves for impact. As it was we ended up getting dicked around by the airlines, and weren't offered any form of compensation by way of free flights or travel vouchers. We got three hours of sleep in an unkempt, Ramada in a state of transition and remodel. But I'm alive, and I have my passport and I'm ready to go to Italy!


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