Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Congratulations Britney

Parenting is hard work. Very hard at times. I mean, you have to sit on the floor sometimes and play with blocks, or maybe put together a farm animal puzzle. I know how hard it is to tell the sheep from the cows...

And Parks! Don't get me started! What a hellish nightmare it is to sit on a park bench while the tots climb around on the jungle gym.

There are simply too many demands on parents these days. Everyone else is constantly telling you what to do. "Feed the baby!" "Dress the baby!" "Don't let the baby play with your cocaine!"

It's just not fair!

So, finally, Britney has found the relief she has been seeking. The nice judge has has finally lifted the burden from her weary shoulders, and is now making Kevin pick up the slack.

Congratulations Britney, You should go out and party, it's been so long since you've had a night to yourself.


  1. Hey wait a second, I just wanted some cash so I could continue snorting coke off of the hip bones of models. I dont want those little shits either.

  2. The Little Shits11:52 AM

    We love Daddy! He feeds us Jelly Beans and Tinkies for Breakfast!

  3. I never in a million years thought I would find myself cheering for Kevin Federline...

  4. Look at it like this... See the glass as half full.

    Some people will feel bad for britney but think of all the single guys out there who now will get to bang a trashy slut who has no baggage.

  5. well... when you put it THAT way.. fantastic!!

    Really, its a sick and twisted world, where Kevin Federline ends up being the "responsible" one.

  6. Sad when a mother isn't focusing most of her attention on her babies. I don't get it.

  7. dr. phil10:15 AM

    I think this may push Britney over the edge of destruction. She may need to come see me for some private couseling


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