Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ballad of the Bedroom Surprise

It was dark as I crept down the hallway
My kids asleep soundly in bed
I was at the drunk-end of this long day
With beer farts that could wake the dead

With stealth I slunk slow in to felt sheets
But it struck me as if with a gong
Not four did I count there, but six feets!
I knew at once something was wrong

There was my wife, but also another
A girl, I found to my horror
Four sharp rib-poking inches, Oh Brother!
Of course, Dora the Explorer...


  1. Do you ever find that the zoo has taken up residence in your bed? About age three, it seems all the stuffed animals in the house had a penchant for sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed.

    Of course I drew the line at legos. No legos in bed. Those hurt.

  2. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Ah. The long awaited "Strangest thing I ever found in my bed" blog. This outta be fun.....

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Dora the explorer is a show created to brain wash our kids into thinking that speaking Spanglish is ok.

  4. Could this be a Rock Ballad with an Poison rift? Or is it strictly a halloween spooky poem ballad?

  5. Looks like you got that three-way... I don't think that ANYONE wants to know where she was "exploring."

  6. well, I wouldn't say "strangest..."

  7. And thank you Dr. B for your take on Dora...

  8. Did it sober you up right away?

    And why do I find it disturbing that of all the comments, only Mitch's mirrored my initial reaction?

  9. crap...you caught me

  10. Subtle as you are, I was somehow able to crack your secret code...


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