Monday, November 03, 2008

One Day More


  1. Get it over with already. I'm so fucking sick of the commercials.

    Hope..blah blah blah Change..blah.
    We get it ok. You are a handsome black man that can deliver wonderful inspiring speeches.

    Do people really think that Obama will deliver all that he promises?

    McCain is 27 points behind here in Cali. But, I'm glad my voice will still be heard. What a joke.

  2. cheerleader10:12 AM

    Aw, don't be cynical Dr. B, Your voice matters. There is still a chance to outlaw homosexuality in California...

  3. I'm sorry, were you saying something, Dr. B?

  4. I always worry when Brian starts singing show tunes...

  5. Oosje3:39 PM

    Oh my God! You are going a little loony with this. I think you'll have withdrawals for sure!

    I'm looking forward to next weeks blogs. Maybe we can all go back and visit the Lorax topiaries!

    Take care of yourself. You are in a very sensitive, vulnerable position right now.

  6. Aw, hey, I thought that was pretty clever...

  7. omens5:41 PM

    That video gave my computer the blue screen of death.

  8. I'm with you QC ... I thought that was clever! :)
    Today is the day!!!


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