Monday, November 24, 2008

Not To Be Morbid

...but we're all gonna die.

Sure, some of us will go sooner than others. But really, the end is near.

The species as a whole is doomed, which may be, for the planet, a good thing.

Anyway, case in point, just a few days ago, this happened:

And yes, that is an actual video taken by a camera mounted in a police car. It was apparently seen over most of Western Canada.

What was it? A meteor. A chunk of space rock that got a little too close.

How big was it?

Good question. Scientists (Canadian scientists, but scientists all the same...) estimate that it was the size of a grapefruit.

Yes, that little breakfast fruit, whose flesh you spoon with a serrated edge... A grapefruit did that.

And what would a larger object do? Well, you can guess. But you better guess quickly, because Apophis, Ganymed and Golevka are coming. But even if they miss, there are more than 1,000 known near-Earth asteroids with a diameter greater than a kilometer.

And that, my friends, is bigger than a grapefruit.

I wonder, is that project you're working on right now, really that important?


  1. What if the project I'm working on is an anti-meteor shield?

    Naw... it probably has something to do with pictures of Dita Von Teese, but stil... what if?!

  2. Lucky Red9:40 AM

    No need to freak- those are just my relatives coming in for Thanksgiving...we come in peace...and for stuffing. Lots of stuffing.

  3. bruce willis7:35 PM

    I'm learning how to translate my oil rig skills into blowing that meteor in half while trying to keep that damn Ben Affleck from fucking my daughter.

  4. It depends, do I work for NASA?


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