Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Face Recognition

With praise to the blessings of the Internet, I, like you, or most of you, have exponentially multiplied my exposure to porn. But not just porn, smut too. Erotica. Titillation. Prurience.

If it's out there, I have probably seen it, or something like it, for better or for frighteningly worse.

And why look? Well, there are the obvious reasons; the reasons that you are familiar with, but might not want to share. But there are also the not-so-obvious reasons as well.

"Not-so-obvious reasons??" You may ask. "Do tell!"

Well, the fact is, as Mitch may very well tell us, after a great deal of time, pornography can lose its appeal. It can get repetitive. Boring. But then there are little games you can play to keep it interesting.

For me, the most common game is Face Recognition. Looking for faces that you recognize. Looking for that one shy acquaintance that you once knew, prominently gagging on 10 inches of love.

I mean, if there is one thing I've learned, it's that there is A LOT of smut out there, with unthinkable legions of actors, actresses and models. Statistically, I do not think it is possible to live a life in modern America without knowing at least one person who has appeared in Porn.

Perhaps if you live in Utah, but otherwise...

And so I scan. I filter. I search, always keeping an eye toward the possible surprise of finding a friend's dark secret. Sure, it's creepy, but it's my game.

Problem is, I'm getting older, and so is my field of acquaintances. With age comes wrinkles, flab, hair loss. With age, it becomes less and less likely that I will ever discover my hidden friend.

It certainly hasn't happened yet, though I've had to stop and study a few times...

I'll keep looking though.


  1. That's the magic of the internets - there's always the possibility of something new out there...

  2. I look different on film

  3. Do you really want to see someone you once knew back in English class taking it in the ass?
    You were talking about gay porn right?

  4. I'm really glad you haven't run across me and Diva yet...keep looking I'm sure you'll find it...

  5. Marge, I'm sure they would love to see our pics especially after this weekend! In fact, I'm thinking of doing my own calendar of just us!! ;P


    She danced at the Main Event back in the day...


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