Saturday, November 08, 2008


So, congratulations are in order. Though, in the interest of anonymity, I will need to be somewhat vague.

So, Mrs. G & T works in a particular field here in this particular state. As part of that job, she belongs to a professional organization, and served for a long time on, or with, its board of directors. Within the field, she has taught and trained many practitioners, and has even drafted changes to the law regarding this particular field.

Today, then, at the organization's yearly state-wide conference, Mrs. G&T was presented with an award of excellence for her achievements in that field. So, congratulations to Mrs. G&T, we are all very proud of you.


  1. She won "Stripper of the Year" again?

  2. Congratulations, Mrs. G&T! Thank you for being the better half once again. ;-)

  3. A well deserved honoring Mrs G&T! I have never met anyone who thinks like she does, nor who has her level of committment to her values. I have admired her for a long, long time and feel this award is well deserved.

    Now she can move on to Mother of the year award and "patient wife" award. Maybe not "patient". I don't really have a word to describe her wife award, but Mr. G&T can certainly hand one out...

  4. We have always known that you are too good for him.

  5. Congratulations Mrs.G&T!

  6. Many many congrats Mrs G&T!!!
    I'm sure that RB will have to come and speak to extol your virtues.

  7. Thanks to all.

    Mitch, RB was there in person, and I appreciated it.

    Thanks to Daddy for coming with the girl in tow, despite feeling really crummy at the time.


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