Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Little Mishaps

Cilantro was almost mistakenly substituted for parsley in the stuffing, but the blunder was detected and remedied at the very last second.

Apart from that, we had no mishaps. And hopefully, you and your family did not either.

The turkey was juicy. The bread was warm. I had BOTH kinds of cranberry sauce on my plate.

As I sat there, though, having changed shirts for the third time, waiting for the final preparations prior to dining, I watched with bemused wonder as the bread basket slid slowly closer to the low-profile candles in the center of the table.

The buns in the basket were wrapped in linen, and a corner of the cloth draped over the side of the basket.

Closer and closer it slid. I waited and watched, wondering when the flame would erupt. Eventually, it dawned on me that I was not 14 years old, and that fire on the Thanksgiving feast table would probably be bad.

So, I moved the basket.

But not before I quickly recalled that one thanksgiving incident, oh so many years ago...

Recent-reader Lois will recall that lovely holiday spread in her dining room. It was an impressive meal. Good food and good company, all gathered around a long table with a very tasteful fall-colored dry-shrub centerpiece in the middle.

The centerpiece was figuratively aflame with reds and oranges and yellows. All VERY dry. And, perhaps, unwisely flanked by long tapered candles.

I was present with one of Lois's daughters. I sat across from her other daughter's husband. We were both a bit bored.

I'll blame him, I suppose, for starting it, pushing the candle closer and closer, millimeters at a time, charring the outer most fronds. Then it was my turn. Testing to see how hot the dry leaves could get before combusting.

Soon enough, we found out, as slightly-less-than 1/4 of the centerpiece burst into a fire ball. We singed our napkins, spilled water and blackened our hands, but we got the fire out before it spread.

We were heroes.

At least in our minds.

Of course, the table full of disapproving faces told us otherwise.

Tonight though, no fire. No mishaps. Just good food and good company. And TWO kinds of cranberry sauce!


  1. I had three kinds of pie.

  2. auntie bsu11:16 AM

    Cilantro in stuffing would not be good....glad to hear it was detected in time!

  3. I do remember that combustible centerpiece. It was contributed to the dinner by my ex. However, burning it at the dinner table was considered poor manners. I'm glad to see you learned from the experience.


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