Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Matt Got the Better End of This Deal

and if you're interested, here is the entire original clip...


  1. That has to be some of the best broadcast TV I have seen in a while.

    Of course the fact that it is in english helps.

  2. Lucky Red8:09 AM

    Wow. I had no clue that my idea of making a MTV sing-a-long rehash was catching on- this is some of the most fab stuff i've seen in a long time...

  3. So which one would you rather F*&k and why. Ben or Matt?

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    First, that was hilarious! I hadn't seen the whole video only heard about it.

    And, Dr. B if your question is to lounge readers in general, Ben...tall, dark and handsome

  5. Dr. B, It's OK to say "fuck" on the lounge...

  6. Matt Damon10:07 AM

    Sarah Silverman swallows...

  7. Matt or Ben?

    I'd rather do the talk show host - at least you'd get a decent funny conversation before and after

  8. Sorry, my child has been repeating everything I say lately. He dropped his car in daycare and said "oh shit". The other day he said "dildo" and it became clear why mommy has been smiling so much lately.

  9. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Just wait until your child says "Hey mama is fuck an adult word?"

    "Yes, it is an adult word, we don't say that in our house."

    "Daddy does. What does fucking mean?"

    "Go talk to your dad."

  10. princess9:45 PM

    my precious little baby is learning to put on her own shoes. and out of frustration with getting the right shoe on the right foot, sat there by the door saying "crap. crap. crap." yeah...that's my girl....


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