Friday, February 15, 2008

The End, Maybe, I Dunno


  1. other6:57 AM

    Is anything alive in that tank or are you raising bubbles now?

    Funny what having a kids and job will do to your creative outlets.

    Miss the Lounge, but I'll keep it bookmarked and look back every now and again.

  2. Best post in a while, but I don't recommend you do video too often.

    And dude. You got old.

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    The end of The Lounge? Please don't say it's so....

  4. Perhaps the Lounge in this format has run it's course. Maybe you should move it into another direction. While I've always enjoyed reading your posts, I've also enjoyed reading the comments. Have you considered moderating some sort of a social network? Maybe 10 or 12 of your loyal readership could post on the lounge. Nothing structered, just when they feel like it. It would allow you to do the same while keeping the lounge alive. After all, isn't the main function of a lounge for many people to participate in? It could be like a commune. We could grow beards and sleep with each other. My garden will feed your family. I'm getting weepy over the beauty of it. Or, you could just be a pussy and quit.

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    It's not nice to make people cry.

  6. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The video isn't that bad...

    I've mailed you what i think.

    Take a step back, blog when you have something to say - no pressure

    Id rather have some than not at all

  7. Funny what having a kids and job will do to your creative outlets.

    I dunno... I can relate to how time-strapping kids and a full-time job can be, but I've found that both actually provide endless sources of inspiration for writing... or endless anecdotes to share!
    As far as the lounge goes, I've always enjoy the personal stories the most.

  8. Lucky Red11:32 AM

    Hum along if you don't know the words:
    "I'm so glad we had this time,
    just to have a laugh
    or sing a song
    seems we just get started and before you know it,
    comes the time we have to say,
    so long...
    Now, tug on your earlobe.
    Enjoyed the video. You do whatcha gotta do.

  9. Hmm, perusing Lucky Red's lyrics made me think of the ending song "Now it's time for 'So Long'" in Blue's Clues...

  10. Social Network, you say? Hmm..... HMMM.....

  11. Hey wait, he didn't mention *me* in the video. So fuck his ass.

  12. Anonymous1:26 PM

    dave -I think any story involving you is too much even for the lounge.....

  13. princess2:05 PM

    "We could grow beards and sleep with each other" Haven't most of us done that already anyhow? The sleeping, not the beard growing.

    I like the commune idea. But, then again, maybe you should let this go and concentrate on what you've been avoiding most of your adult life: writing the novel. Do it, dude.

  14. Anonymous8:10 PM

    WHOO HOO! Yeah, Baby! That's right. This shit hole is going down, finally! Boo-yah! You flippin ass-hat. Two years and you got nothing to say? Imagine how your wife feels. She (ostensibly) has to be with you forever. Must be pretty quiet around the dinner table there in Look-at-Me-burg.

    Remember when you weren't trying to be funny but instead just wrote reasonably well? Remember "Vanilla"? Remember "Toothpick"? Or the classic, "Takin Care O' Business"? Remember that douche-bag Abestis. That was good shit. That was something worth reading.

    For God's sake, now that you have taken to making videos of yourself, I sure as shit hope this ends or it will be your dick or your ass-cheeks we see up there and no one wants that. Except maybe Tom. Yeah, Tom would probably want that.

  15. Stop with the late night ruminations, dammit. People who do that talk themselves into doing regrettable things all the time. The Lounge is great. Things ebb and flow, ya know? The same happened has happened with Gouda. That site has gone from a torrent to a trickle over the last year. Readership has also dwindled. But I still have some faithful folk.

    I have an RSS feed to your site. It tells me every time you update. I'll keep it going on the off-chance that you change your mind. I feel sometimes with myself that all I have to do is "say" that I'm done only to find my mind come up with something else to write about. Maybe that will happen with you? I hope so.

  16. So, I first read this post at work, where we were in the midst of class and the training computers weren't outfitted with Flash player software. i.e. no video.

    And now that I've had a chance to view it at home, I have to say: remember how I always likened you to Kevin Spacey (following your lead, of course)? You REALLY remind me of him in this video!

    Seriously... pressure be damned. Writing's supposed to be fun, not work. You get enough of work during the day :-P


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