Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jesus, Here I Thought the Republicans Were Morons...

Listen, I apologize here and now for the 2000 election. I apologize for voting for Bush during that first round. I was duped by Cheney's minions into believing Bush was an intelligent bi-lingual moderate.

I fess up. I take responsibility for my errors.

I voted Libertarian in 2004.

And now, here we are in 2008, with a lackluster Republican field made up of a Mormon, a Baptist and a POW. Christ, it sounds like a bad joke.

Huckabee will likely pray on his knees before making the big decision, so if something goes wrong, he can blame God. Romney, likewise, will search for the burning in his bosom before making a big call.

And McCain? Well, he'll be just fine until some one shows him the Queen of Diamonds... (go look it up)

Anyway, I'm not looking forward to another 8 years of this crap. So, really, it's up to the Democrats to get us out of this.

Now their choice of two senators is simple, really if you think about it. They both want to raise taxes to astronomical levels to pay for servcies for people who are too lazy to work. They want the government to run every aspect and detail of our lives. They want to overrule the 2nd Amendment. They want to increase the power scope, and influence of the federal bureaucracy and Labor Unions.

Fine. It's no worse than the corruption and greed we've seen over the past 8 years.

All I want is someone with a brain who can string multi-syllabic utterances together in a cohesive sentence structure. They're all going to squeeze my paycheck like a fatted udder.

So, here it is, with the current Republican administration wallowing in the worst approval ratings since Hoover, this race is the Democrats' to lose, and what do they do?? How do they mark this momentous occasion? What is their grand strategy??

Do they give it to the left-leaning, handsome, well-spoken, centrally-appealing, Senator from Illinois, with his message of hope, winning smile and strange lure for moderate Republicans??


They fumble.

They give it to Bill's wife.

Half of the Democrats hate her. All of the Republicans hate her. Very few of the independents can stomach her.

Yet, the bare majority of voting Democrats, with absolutely no eye toward ELECTABILITY, voted with their hearts rather than their heads. Obama has the mass appeal necessary to defeat the dull cookie cutter right-wing candidate, no matter who it happens to be.

Hillary cannot. She cannot win. Perhaps if she was running against Cheney, but even then, it would be too close to call.

So, thanks a lot Democrats. Thanks for nothing.

Good lord, 8 years of President McCain??
10-to-1, he finds an excuse to bomb Hanoi...


  1. Ever so cynical!
    When are you running for office?

  2. Speaking of Manchurian Candidates -Where is President Thornicroft?!

    I agree - watching last night one is taken aback. You have Republicans going on television, outright taunting the Democrats to put Hillary in the ring, because they'd have a better chance...and what do people in Tenn, NY, NJ an portions of other states do?! They agree to throw meat to the wolves.

    While I agree that either choice is historic, the issue of electability MUST come up. Hillary proved that she can win CA and NY (or at least 50% of each). So, what do we know - She can win in states which are traditionally Democratic states. (Oh, and she can win in states where she spent a substantial amount of time as first lady to one of the most popular figures in Democratic Politics - Arkansas). But, does that show national appeal? Electability against opponents who can bring in independents and a Republican base that is likely to band together more because of the opponent, rather than their own candidate?!


  3. Actually Mitch, she only won 52% of the voting democrtats in California. That means 48% of her own party voted against her...

  4. OK, I have made no bones about my affiliation with the money hungry right wingers. I'm a big time conservative. However, I think that McCain is a jackass. He has completely missed the boat on every issue including immigration.
    He is way more unelectable then Billary. You think we have war issues now? That guy is just waiting to kick some commie ass.

    I realize that a vote for the Democrats means I will have no money left for my kids college fund. But, at least they wont get drafted and die.

    At least with Obama we will have someone I can tolerate listening to as he takes my last cent.

    Nothing wrong with a handsome black man.

  5. Surprisingly, I share the same feelings as dr. B about Obama. Yes, he will tax all my money away, but he'll at least make me feel good while he does it.

  6. other2:17 PM

    I have been happy with my independent status ... until recently. How many days before the Oregon primaries do you have to register with a party? I am seriously considering taking a party this time around. In effort to vote against someone- besides my spouse.

  7. Bill Clinton2:26 PM

    I am taking applications for new interns. Can I have all the girls on the previous post?

  8. Wait...we're voting on, or hiring interns?!

    Thank heavens this blog stays with its core demographics!

    And Mr. G&T - You are correct - Through the magic of proportional representation, we had nearly 24 hrs straight of spin, tickerboards, Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer's beard... and what do we end up with? A dead heat. Almost identical delegate count. Tie ball game. Until the Patomac swing of primaries...

  9. The Blue Dress4:40 PM

    The girls from the previous post..... I was wondering who Clinton would have under the desk.

  10. Brian -- with your permission, I'd like to post this blog on my blog with a link to your site. I don't feel I can do any better at encapsulating my own feelings about this election, because you have done so beautifully. Amen, my friend. A-fucking-men.

  11. Saigon Sam7:14 PM

    Here in Vietnam, McCain is the hands down favorite.

    (geeze.. that was baaaaad)

  12. amused liberal8:28 PM

    I find it immensely amusing that after the last 8 years, voters who think of themselves as conservative still think that the Democrats are going to tax the hell out of them. You have fallen under the hypnotic spell of the Republican party's fictitious "fiscal responsibility." They will only give you a tax break if you already have a shitload of money, dumbasses.

  13. The GOP has been anythign but fiscally responsible for the last 8 years. as i said, my son was born $35,000 in debt for the Iraq debacle.

    What I worry about is the 60% middle class tax rate for socialized medicine.


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