Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taking Submissions

Obviously, the tap is closed. The muse is on sabbatical. I got run over by the "dumb" truck.

Sitting here, staring at the screen for the last hour and a half, only coming up with ideas that I already came up with back in 2006, it has become clear that the creative mojo is low.

It happens. I'm not worried.

So, I'm taking submissions. I'm looking for 100 pithy-zippy words. Anyone wanna guest blog?

Really, anything. Tell us a story. Tell us a joke. Post some pictures. Travel log. Shopping list. Whatever! Those of you who know me can email me your submissions... Otherwise, leave a comment, and I'll find a way to reach you.




  1. As always, I await the flood of comments which normally flow from when Brian says that he has nothing to say.
    I'll put my usual suggestion in for adult content, but hey, I'm easy to please when it comes to blogs.

    Restaurant reviews are handy too...

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    it's my birthday. i'm old. i need a drink and a nap, in that order.


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