Monday, December 03, 2007

No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts


I saw the light, but it was too late. It was another goddamned Portland photo radar van. I tried to reconstruct what the unfortunate photo would look like.

The first one I received, in Beaverton, not so long ago, caught me in mid-grimmace, hunched over like troll.

Sure enough, two weeks later I reveived the tell-tale envelope from the City of Portland.

And thus, I found myself standing in a snail-paced line at the traffic court for over two hours this morning. Yes, yes, I could have sent in my paperwork last week, but I procrastinated.

No one wanted to be there. It's not fun for anyo ne to... be... It's.. .uh

Oh fuckit. This post isn't going anywhere. It isn't interesting. It isn't funny. So, basically, I witnessed a near-fist fight in line at the courthouse. Fortunately, the sheriff deputies arrived and simmered the scene down. I was left feeling uncomforatble and put upon, but really, I just realised, I have nothing interesting to say about that. So, I'm going to put an end to this post right now.

Oh, but, here's a picture of some girls in panties for you instead...

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  1. Lucky Red9:07 AM

    Dumpster sluts? Panning to the lowest common denominator I see…is it “sweeps week” on the Blog site?

  2. Do you usually drive through beaverton spanking the monkey? It just proves that nothing in this world is private anymore. Watch where you drive with those midget hookers will ya.

  3. Sorry about the dumpster sluts. that was actually a broken link. the image I tried to post was more like the one up now...

  4. Hmmm... half nude women up because you have nothing to say...

    Really... I'm ok with that

  5. Ha! Only a man would find almost nude bottle blonds an adequate substitute for "interesting".

    And, um, thanks for sharing.
    I actually found the stuff about traffic court interesting...

  6. Please... I believe I should clarify - I wasn't saying that the young Rhode's Scholars presented were a replacement for interesting and thoughtful discourse.

    I said that they were more than adequate to replace Brian's blatherings about cheese and why he's always wanted to surgery with pen caps and twine after watching McGyver.

    Clearly, two very different things.

  7. You should be ammune to looking at girls like that after growing up with one.

  8. The girls were more for your benefit, dr.b.

  9. That's right I forgot you're a big flaming homo.

  10. ...not that there's anything wrong with it.


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