Monday, December 17, 2007

12 Days

As most of you know, I married an older woman. Older by 12 days, and I'll never let her forget it.

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Gin & Tonic!!

Get drunk. Go shopping. Have a good day!


  1. Welcome to 37. Its nice here, you will like it. Its much better than those immature 36 year olds.

    Happy Birthday. Good bless you for marrying Brian.

  2. Crickets....Dude, I think I am your only reader left.

  3. Happy birthday, Erin. Thank you for taking Brian-detail.

  4. I think she's deserves another drink!
    Whooo! The woman bore your children. What a brave, brave soul.

  5. Mrs. G&T11:40 AM

    Brian provided said drink, in the form of good tequila, which became my drink of choice after the night I met Dave who said "I've always wanted to do tequila shots w/ Brian's wife", although I don't think he knows it that, and it would probably surprise anyone who saw how sick I was after that night.

    The boy also crawled for the first time, straight into the cake, over and over again.

    Thanks for a great day to all the involved boys. It was a great birthday.

  6. I always knew I liked your wife better than you, Brian. C'mon, Erin. Let's go hit a biker bar and start a fight.

  7. Mrs. GandT - i wish you only the best - and i wish Spike would have jumped out of your b-day cake.

    Congrates to ACE - master of the crawl. I knew he had it in him.


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