Monday, December 03, 2007

Personal Scent ***UPDATE***

So, it isn't bad, per se...

It's kinda clean, and not too sweet or flowery. It smells like America. It smells how I would expect Steve McQueen to smell.

Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to linger long. After the initial stinging shock of application, it cools as the alcohol base evaporates. A pleasant subtle scent remains for a short time, which by lunch, was mostly gone.

Of course, I am applying it judiciously, not bathing in it. No sense in sharing the scent with the strangers on the elevator.

I'll give it another whirl on Tuesday.


  1. Did you read the fine on the bottle? It can cause genital shrinkage, unsightly body hair, and mysterious things to grow on the side of your nose. You sure you JUST started using it?

  2. I can't read the fine print. I think aquavelva causes blindness.

  3. Only when you drink it, sport. Goes best with soda water.


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