Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Break

The holiday/birthday season is in full swing. Therefore, this little ray of daily sunshine is bolting its doors. The Lounge will be closed through Christmas.

Jesus, relax, it's only like four days...
(Mitch, this is the post you've been praying for...)


  1. Me?! PLEASE! I can't possibly be the ONLY one who's begged for the sweet relief of silence to this chatter!!

    Then again... it is a shame to see it happen when you'd just found your way again (yes, I am talking about thongs, Dita, and other assorted adult content.

    But, your silence can only mean one thing - HUGE traffic volume and lots of posts! Come on!!! Who's with me !?!?!

  2. LOL
    I'm game.
    I'll help mitch with the traffic and posting...

  3. I'm more concerned how Brian figured out I've been shitting in his chimney. I thought the costume was perfect...

  4. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Obviously he recognised your bare ass dave..

  5. don't we all...thanks to pornotube.


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