Saturday, November 17, 2007

50 Below

It's the weekend before Thanks Giving and no one seems to give a fuck. Thanks to Inog for the sole bikini waxing comment. Readership is drastically down over the last 72 hours, well-under 50 visitors per day. All of my regulars seem to have slipped away for the holiday.

I've been thinking, since no one is around, it seems like a fine time to make a few anonymous confessions. You know, unload a few things that have been weighing heavy on my shoulders.

So, right off the bat, I feel I should admit that I like to wear women's underwear.

This, of course, is a picture of me in my favorite pair, relaxing after a long day at the salt mines. I guess maybe I should have waxed first.

Also, I should admit, I suppose, that I have been actively involved in the "furry" lifestyle for many years. While I have a particular Thing for Warner Brothers cartoon characters, I also appreciate just the basic free-lance rodent costume as well.

And, as long as I'm getting things out in the open, I would also like to admit my long-time obsession with the peppy and groovin sounds of Burt Bacharach.

Wow, this is really great. I'm already starting to feel so much lighter. Like a giant burden has been lifted. And, since no one is reading any of this, it's entirely safe!

OK, I'm on a roll! What next? Oh right, Huffing!

Forget Scotch, give me a paper bag and some White Out.

Oh, and, right, I confess, I don't sort my recycling.

Thank god no one will ever see this!


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Oh stop

    Jesus, you're sulking like a pussy

  2. Oosje5:24 PM

    It's Sunday night, my wine is poured and I'm checking the blog for the first time in three days. I apologize for being one of the "missing in action" blog readers. I've been to the BIG city in the snowy state to be with Lil'11. Now, back to my own life for 36 hours, I am checking your wit.

    Yes, waxing is a good thing.
    Particularly in your case. I had no idea you were so hairy! That is certainly not the view a mother-in-law-should ever be subjected to.

    Burt... no comment.

    Scotch? comment! I went to the State controlled liquor store the other day in preparation of my upcoming trip to the coast and stocked up. Happliy, I now know that the scotch I have packed away will be mine, all MINE! yea! I do have a 15 year old bottle of white-out. Well aged (i think a little crusty) You'll love it. I'm happy to share.

  3. Oosje5:29 PM

    By the way... "dulce" means soft. Is that thing soft?

  4. I wondered what happend to my panties. Please clean them before you return them.

  5. I thought "dulce" meant sweet.

    Either way, I'd really rather not know...

  6. You don't have to sort your recycling where you live. That's not a confession.

  7. Helly... You are correct. It does mean sweet. Where was my mind???

  8. mmm... 15 year old white out...

  9. I will be honest...Havent looked at the blog in 4 days...have been moving...back hurts...someone kill me. mmmm Vicoden good.

  10. Don't worry, I won't tell a soul...but I will blackmail you.

    Great post!

  11. I have been busy being phlem-tarific and cleaning up around the joint. Getting the house ready for organ playing aunt/step-monsters, aluminum shelf lining aunties, and couins who were once catholic then born and then muslim and now jewish to invade my house soon. Glad I have a free moment to see that you are enjoying the holidays too!


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