Thursday, March 15, 2007

Since Yesterday's Math Test Was Such a Crowd Pleaser

Here are a few more:

Oh, and, here is a picture of Scarlett

Oh, and, here's a picture of a yakisoba sandwich


  1. 1. Calico cats are generally female. Orange and black expression is limited to a single expression of the X chromosome and an XY cat (male) they can be either orange OR black. A female XX can have both color genes expressed. The other option is if the cat is a XXY (a rare mutation referred to as “Brian’s Syndrome”) but these are usually retarded and sterile.

    2. E = F/Q and F=MV therefore E = MV/Q Then throw in E2P=kQq/d and d is your answer. Sorry I don’t have my calculator on me. In layman’s terms, all you need to do is find the point of field strength acceleration that matches MV of the proton. The identity of Batman is resolved through trigonometric functions. Calculus is not needed. I think it is a better analogy to use calculus to show how Bruce Wayne integrates into Batman and to differentiate between the two persona.

    3. Without context, I can’t tell if the question asks about decay of an isotope mass or similar type phenomenon or if it is asking about a log type function. They are similar and many times would look the same. The answer given describes, but does not explain.

    4. Springs run on Hooks’ law. F=MA, and F= -KY (yeah.. that is NEGATIVE KY!). Y = your deflection. If the spring is a perfect spring (damp free) and the environment is without loss of energy, the object will return to the start point. The presence of an elephant will not change the outcome if the elephant is an efficient body and has a 0 K factor or is non-damping. Otherwise the elephant is likely to just get out of the way. They are not dumb. But then again of the environment is truly friction free, then that means this is in a vacuum and then Y = 0 because the elephant will be dead.

    (yeah.. you KNEW I would do this too)

  2. uh yeah ..what Carl said.

  3. What, no comment on the Yakisoba sandwich?

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    You do realize that a yakisoba sandwhich would make the bread all soggy, slimey and mushy, don't you? Just testing your gag reflex.

  5. And Inog decided to be an attorney.


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