Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Words are not coming to me. Sentences are dangling like so many participles...

With so much diction difficulty, I had better avoid actual blogging tonight. Don't worry, nothing I was going to say was going to be interesting.

For today's entertainment, go check out my buddy Dave's running web cartoon. I send you there only because I feature prominently.

He is on episode 19 at Myspace.

He is on episode 4 at his personal website.

Warning, do not be confused. Brian is me. Dr. Brian is, well, Dr. Brian. Deuce is Dave. And Satan is Satan, although apparently sometimes Satan can be Carl. There is no Tom yet. But that is probably for the best.


  1. Yeah, I really need to catch up on my normal website. There will probably be a deluge tomorrow to do so.

    And you're prominent because Carl is waiting for me to kill you off.

  2. Dr. B.S.8:12 AM

    Hey Brian,
    How about a tribute to Goatboy getting to the final four.

  3. Paris was robbed!

  4. Oh there's Tom, I just haven't used him yet.

  5. I just giggled like a little school girl.


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