Thursday, May 04, 2006

Friday Friday Friday

The sky is blue. The wind is warm. Should this pattern hold out until Tomorrow (Friday), the monkey and I will be enjoying beverages at Barleycorn's after work. The tot will enjoy some tots and milk. I will enjoy tots and Gin. If you stop by, you can enjoy anything you'd like.

5:00-ish, Friday, Barleycorn's patio.


  1. jesus h. christ11:01 PM

    Fine. I'll meet you for a drink. But, you have to promise to stop stalking me after that. Seriously this time. No joking.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Gettin her into drinkin this early, eh? Probably will help her cope with the fact of who her Daddy is.

  3. amanda4:11 PM

    Can't make it. I'm going to a lecture, because I'm an art nerd. The speaker is the controversial artist Jock Sturges. Look him up. If you're on this blog, then you probably don't have filters to prevent you from viewing the images. He's a very polarizing figure in the art world, and I'm looking forward to see if he'll argue his art out of the label "child pornography."


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