Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yesterday, I posted a comment on another blog. Or, well, the day before yesterday. (Damn international date line...) Anyway, I posted a comment. I was one of several commenters. However, the god-like blogger saw my comment and entered a whole new entry just to adress my comment. It was like being Courtney Cox, and getting pulled on stage by Bruce Springsteen. The sweaty blogger spotted me and we did our wiggly 80's dance together.

Want to know what I said? Well, I'm not going to tell you. I will, however, let you search for it yourself here.

And with that link, my friends, I have posted my first official Battlestar Galactica entry.

Ed, let's go to the tally board!!

Number of posts that reference TV shows: 2

Number of posts that reference Battlestar Galactica: 1

Number of posts which might offend my mother: 4

Number of sunflower seeds currently in my mouth: 7

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