Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I have mysterious blotches on my legs, all below the knees. You would not find them sexy. Trust me. Unless of course you have a fetish for leg blotches, in which case I suggest that you click here. That obviously was not my leg, nor do my splotches look like that. I just thought, perhaps, you would enjoy the pictures...

I believe the blotches came from my time in Vantage. The Vantage River Rock Resort, to be precise. Vantage is basically the out-of-town get-away destination for folks who live in George, WA, and that's saying something. They do have hot showers and a cool swimming pool, so it's not exactly the trenches of Galipoli.

We camped. I slept outside under the stars, or to be more precise, under the general debris blowing overhead in the currents of 70 MPH wind gusts. Ah, the high desert! But the showat the gorge was good, at least for those who enjoy Dave.

Well, something must have bitten me, or maybe I rubbed up against a strange plant. Regardless, I have blotches and one of them looks like Buddy Hackett. Is Buddy still alive? If so, is there anyway to get him to autograph my doppleganger blotch? And if I get it autographed, can I sell pictures of it on Ebay...?

Well, can I?

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