Monday, August 29, 2005

I could use a drink, which shouldn't surprise anyone. I worked all weekend. Not long hours, mind you, but I did put in office time both days this weekend. Now, I have that edgy foggy feeling you get from lack of sleep. Like I could punch some one in the head, or just as quickly, bake some cookies.

Part of the problem is that I had depositions scheduled for this afternoon. Which meant that I had to prepare for tomorrow's arbitration yesterday. This was the second setting for this depo. There are three parties, and therefore, there are three attorneys. The plaintiff requires an interpreter, so we got one of those too. Of course, we also had the court reporter.

Today was the second setting. We had to reset the first time because the defendants and the interpreter failed to show up. Today, we had the interpreter, three attorneys and the court reporter, but no witnesses. None of the parties ever showed up for their own depositions. SO, after several days of rushing around to get work done, I am left with a pause, and I feel a bit squirrelly. So a drink, I think, may be in order, to set things aright... Unfortunately, I still have two hours to go, so perhaps I'll settle for a Pepsi One, or maybe a Coke Two...

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