Thursday, January 08, 2009


My career and my Lounge often find themselves at odds.

For instance, there was this thing that happened yesterday that could, in the future, become one of my best all around go-to stories.

It was crazy! It happened in my office. And I cannot tell you about it.

I'd LOVE to tell you about it. It was a story made for the Lounge.

But I have to keep it to myself.

What I can say is, this person came in to talk about this one thing, and in the course of the conversation, she did this totally crazy other thing!

I even asked her three times not to do the crazy thing, and she did it anyway!!

Unfortunately, I can't tell you what it was...

I can't even hint at it!


  1. Lucky Red7:24 AM

    For those of you who forgot their Decoder Ring at home today, let me translate: "Please take the bait and email me so I can tell you about it without naming names...please...Dear God please ask..."
    I have to say folks, it's worth the call...I thought he was making it up at first

  2. Brian - you have my email address....

  3. Aw, there's so much curriosity! It's kinda cute.

  4. Dude-- just blog it on Myspace and set the entry friends-only.

  5. I new this guy who had a cousin that did this stuff and then he went to the place where it was there and then it was over.

  6. Did it invlove mayonaise and a blender?

  7. You finally got a lap dance for free?

  8. Sen. John S. McCain, III6:01 PM

    I know how to get osama bin laden, but you all didn't vote for me.


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