Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'm mostly not gay at all, as I have alleged time and time again.

Although, I have confessed, more than once, to having a bit of a man crush on Ewan McGregor.  If I were to make movies, and had to cast them, I'd try, more often than not, to cast the broad-grinning Scotsman in each endeavor.

He's a wee bit of a star these days, however, and not cheap or easy to cast.  Therefore, until my theoretical filmmaking career merited the requisite A-lister budget, I'd have to go with a cheaper, yet no-less talented, substitute.  And that would be, naturally, Peter Sarsgaard.

Because, really...

These two...

Were separated at birth.


Peter Sarsgaard...

Should never never never be confused with Alexander Skarsgard

Now, until such time that I can cast the grinning Scot, and satiate your never-ending McGregor hanker, All I can do is point you to two fantastic Ewan odysseys on DVD. They are not new, and if you have already sampled them, it's a fine time to return to them this summer.  The Long Way Round, and it's sequel, The long Way Down, both follow Ewan and his buddy Charlie as they take the less-traveled route around the globe on nothing but a pair of motorcycles.

Charming, exhilarating and informative, they are worth your time to watch.

And, since I've been gratuitously pandering to the female ramblers, here are a few more actors I'd like to cast...

Flying Scotsman
1oz sweet vermouth
1oz scotch
1/4 tsp simple syrup
dash bitters
-shake with ice 


  1. Dylan5:05 PM

    I'm surprised that you have failed to mention "The Pillow Book". I would have thought it'd be one of your favs. Mr. McGregor graces us with both full frontal, and some guy on guy action with an unattractive Asian man. Right up your alley!

  2. Let's not forget Velvet Goldmine. You get full frontal, Ewan and Christian Bale getting it on, and Ewan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers getting it on.

  3. Mmmm...Ewan, HOT....much what the lady lounge readers need!

  4. Dylan8:45 AM

    Thank you, Fred. Updating my queue now.

  5. SO you a man crush on an actor who plays gay men in movies? yeah, I'm reconsidering my Portland trip. Even if we are side by side at a strip club, I'm a little freaked out you might try to hold my hand.

  6. Oh b.s. we all know you too secretly want to hold Mr. G&T's hand. We're all friends here, you don't have to be shy around us....

  7. Dylan1:26 PM

    I've sat next to Mr. G&T at a strip club, and he didn't try to hold my hand. I'm sure you'll be safe.


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