Saturday, May 19, 2007

On The Way

Meds are in. Mrs G&T is napping. I am enjoying a turkey sandwich.


  1. other1:50 PM

    If you leave the floor, the kid will come sooner. Just ask inog about that.

    We'll raise one for you all this evening when we gather at the keg.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Will the boy hurry up..

    Some of us need to sleep soon

  3. Don't forget to keep us updated on your food intake.

  4. Oosje3:02 PM

    The Monkey is napping. She's got her "meet little brother" dress out for her trip to the hospital. It's a celebration today! of course I'll have to clean her up first from our time at the park and the food fight.... just kidding about the food fight. That's Daddy's job to teach her.

  5. abestis9:21 PM

    I can't quite tell from those the gin on the right or the left?


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