Thursday, May 03, 2007


Once again, real life encroaches upon my blog time.

The Lounge is down. This time, likely, for a while.


  1. Well that deosnt sound good.

  2. Betty Ford Clinic8:47 AM

    Your check cleared...see you Monday

  3. Oosje9:13 AM

    I'll miss you. The others will too but they might not say so.

  4. :( Hope all is okay...

  5. While I certain hope that no ill has befallen you.. again... The non-posts always end up being the most popular...

  6. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Party in the lounge! Time to amuse ourselves, something our good host no doubt has much experience with. Let's all cheer him up with stories of the dorkiest thing he's ever done. Now don't all trip all over each other racing to the keyboard. One at a time....



    The Welsh chick?

  7. The Welsh chick??....

  8. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Well, at least I didn't say English....

  9. Hmmm... I wonder why we were picked?

  10. I would have plenty to say if he didn't have so much dirt on me.

  11. Maybe this would be a good time to employ some guest bloggers . . .

  12. Oosje4:35 PM

    O.K. someone has to start. It might as well be me.

    One evening as Brian and Mrs G&T were relaxing at home, Brian started fidgeting with the closest thing at hand. As we all know Brian likes to fidget and mess with things. This time it was two empty film canisters. He decided he would annoy Mrs. G&T by sticking the film canisters to his forehead. So on they went, one above each eye, suctioned in place. Mrs. G&T was not only not annoyed she was not even interested! So he left them there, stuck to his forehead, waiting for her to have a reaction. He waited and waited and then waited some more. She did not budge. By the time he decided to take them off he couldn't! They had sucked themselves right to his skin. It took some doing before they were removed leaving two round film canister sized Kodachrome Hickies, right there in plain site on his forehead. Remember how long it takes for a hickey to vanish? Well, that is how long Brian walked around, went to work, went out in public....with his beautiful perfectly round hickies. I have to admit that I was not there at the "creation" however I saw the results a week later when I visited the Gin and Tonic family abode. Since they were still very visible, he told his story. Mrs. G&T laughed this time.

    I have other dorky stories too, but one at a time is enough.


  13. Since I'm not in Portland - anyone spot Brian shaving his head and getting a tat?

  14. In other lounge news...

    Congrats to b.s for shooting yet another male sperm.

    And Happy Birthday Dave.

  15. Coworker-at-the-time6:39 AM

    I did witness the film canister incident. I also witnessed the reaction of his boss-at-the-time. The boss-at-the-time was a freakishly conservative (no drinking! no dancing!) "Christian" who rarely showed an emotion. He's infamous in the local legal community for generally being an asshole. Boss-at-the time walked into Brian's office to talk to him about something. Boss-at-the-time stopped mid sentence, stared, then turned around and walked away without another word. I think he avoided Brain for the duration of the head hickeys. Which was probably the only bright spot for Brian during the entire humiliating debacle that is Brain's life.

  16. A Portlander6:41 AM

    He hasn't shaved his head. He is, however, yet again the victim of a most unfortunate haircut....

  17. Occasional Lounge Visitor10:37 AM

    I'll play.

    Recently Brian was enjoying a lounge on the couch while Mrs. G&T cooked dinner and the monkey played between the two of them. Mrs. G&T caught Brian tossing a ball up in the air.

    "Daddy, please don't toss the ball in the house."

    "I'm sorry Mama, I didn't realize what I was doing. I will stop right away."

    Tick, Tick, Tick,Tick, Tick, Tick,Tick, Tick, Tick,Tick, Tick, Tick...That was the twelve seconds passing before Mrs. G&T again looked up and stated...

    "Daddy, did you forget that we can't toss the ball in the house?"

    "I'm sorry Mama. I'll stop right now."

    Tick, Tick, Tick,Tick, Tick, Tick,Tick, Tick, Tick,Tick, Tick, Tick...12 more seconds pass.

    "Daddy, if you don't stop tossing the ball I will have to put you in time out!"


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