Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Girls, One Lounge

(This little ditty goes right on out to the wonder twins, Carrie and Amanda)

We have a hankerin for more lounge, they say, yet are not willing to submit the smut that drives the engine...

"More Lounge!"

Fine, here I go, back to the salt mine, spinning whimsy and woe for the salaciously-minded.  However, what if our two cougar cubs had actually contributed?  What pray tell would that have looked like??

Hmmm... what could it have looked like?

[cue dreamy music]

This, perhaps.

Or this!

No, really, it was certainly this:

Duck Turd
1/2 oz Butter Shots
1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Irish Cream
add the Irish Cream last to create the effect...


  1. It's like you didn't even read your own post reminder. "Be compelling." You laid there like a lady with a headache, indifferent to the awkward thrusting of obligation.

  2. I do have a head ache, so...

  3. Honestly, wow, that was riveting!

  4. Seriously, where do you get that coffee cup?

  5. Anonymous5:11 AM

    i like the pohto women


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